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The simple way to get school supplies


The Know Everything's Okay kit.

What if back-to-school preparation could be effortless and enjoyable for everyone?  That's precisely what Keokit brings. 

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We respect, admire, and answer to teachers.  Teachers tell us what items students need, and we build kits of exactly what they request.  There are no catalogs, minimums, or order forms.  Simply list what students need, and we source those materials.

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Long lines.  Multiple store trips.  Stock outs.  No thank you!

We leave the back-to-school shuffle in the past and allow parents--in just a few clicks--to order a kit of whatever their child's teacher requests.  Our kits are comparable to in-store prices, delivered to your home, and fully customizable, allowing you to buy exactly what you need and nothing more.  Plus you can choose your child's favorite colors!

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We offer our partner schools and their communities peace of mind by making back-to-school as easy as it should be.

  • Teachers tell us what items to source
  • We make kits that parents can (but do not have to) purchase
  • We handle all payments, deliveries, and returns
  • A percentage of the sales--at least $250--are donated, making for a natural fundraiser 

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