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The simplest way to have better prepared classrooms + make money for your school!

How it works

Option 1: Build your list

We pre-load the supplies you requested last year into a Google doc.  You can individually, or collaboratively with other teachers, modify your requests.  We then create easy-to-read lists for parents.

Option 2: Link hosting

Already have your list of supplies ready?  We'll take it from there!   Simply send us your list and post our link on your school's website for parents to learn about our service.

Back-to-school bliss

We make kits of exactly what you tell us for your parents to order.  Note this requires no action for the school, and parents aren't required to order from us.  For every kit we sell, we donate to your school!


We're committed to supporting teachers

We are inspired by the impact that millions of teachers have every day--both inside and outside of the classroom.  For this reason we've built our company to be teacher-first, working tirelessly to offer services that ease their burden and provide peace of mind.  From tools for easier reimbursement of supply purchases to guides for new educators setting up their classrooms, Keokit exists to better equip teachers!

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