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Better prepared classrooms.

The simple way to get school supplies.

How it works

Teachers say what's needed

Teachers can use our free software to quickly make their back-to-school supply list.  We post the lists on our website.

+ a few clicks to order

Parents: skip the crowds and stock-outs.  Have a kit of exactly what teachers request delivered to your home.

= well-prepared students

Students: you can be prepared AND able to express yourself.  That's why we create each custom kit as you choose.

For every kit we sell, we donate one kit!


Make an impact.

Studies show that not having the basic materials required for school can drastically impair a student's performance.  Yet, with an average back-to-school price tag of $106 for K-12 supplies, these necessities are out of reach for many families.

That's why we're committed to multiplying our impact.


We love school.

Keokit is bringing the entire school supply process to the 21st century.  Partnering with us brings smiles to the whole school:

  • Our software that saves teachers hours is free
  • Our supply lists make in-store shopping easier
  • Our kits make for great PTA fundraisers!

Back-to-school is year-round for us.  Give us a try, and you'll see that no one loves teachers and prepared students more than us.

Want to bring Keokit to your school?  Enter your email address and we'll be in touch soon!