Keokit Fundraiser

Sell prepackaged kits of school supplies to raise funds for your organization

Open joy this back-to-school season

Keokit makes the entire school supply process easier for everyone.

  1. To ensure we provide exactly what teachers request, our software allows teachers to directly tell us.
  2. Parents can order prepackaged kits online with a few clicks
  3. Kids can customize their supplies because back-to-school is a time for self-expression!

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Raise money for your organization

5% of sales from your participants go directly to your organization.  For the average school, with 75% participation, that's over $1,800!  All with very little effort on your part.


Help families who cannot afford school supplies.

Keokit donates one kit for every kit that we sell to provide school supplies for families in need.  Your fundraiser is a great way to help your community!

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