Is my back-to-school purchase through the school?

Not directly.  However, a collection of vendors are used to build the kits, several of which do donate a percentage of sales back to your school.

How does the "buy one-donate one" work?

We partner with non-profit institutions that have identified Bay area schools with families in need.  These non-profit partners have also aggregated the schools' requested supplies such that we can fulfill their specific needs (e.g. "one block eraser, one backpack not red or blue").  We then either prepare kits directly for distribution or we donate the equivalent dollar amount required to purchase one set of supplies for these families in need.

Where and when are the kits delivered?

We're all about choice!  While our default option is home delivery, school organizers have the opportunity to offer at-school pickup for parents on a specific date.

When can you open excitement?  Kits ordered for home delivery will be received during the summer before school begins, money-back guaranteed.

What if I don't want everything in the kit?

We offer the option to remove bundled items from your kit if needed.  The price of the order is updated to reflect this change.

Does Keokit provide any other services?

Why yes we do!  In addition to working with public and private schools' parents, Keokit provides school supplies to several charter schools in the Bay Area.  Since the 2016 school year, Keokit has developed kits for college professors as well as kits to help new K-12 teachers set up their classrooms.  Sign-up to stay posted on new product offerings!