Keokit Complete: Walnut Acres-5th Grade

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Keokit Complete: Walnut Acres-5th Grade

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This Keokit Complete: Walnut Acres is a kit that comes with all required school supplies for 5th Grade students at Walnut Acres.  See below for the full packing list.

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All of the supplies requested by the 5th Grade teachers.

The  complete kit includes the following items:

(1) Pair of earbuds with case
(1) 3-ring binder, 2”
(1) Set of Crayola 12-pack colored pencils
(1) Spiral-bound, wide-ruled notebook, 70 sheets
(2) Sets of 5-tab, 3 ring dividers, 8.5” x 11.5”
(1) Wide-ruled composition notebook, 100 sheets
(3) Red pocket folders with fasteners
(2) Yellow legal pads, 8.5” x 11”, 50 sheets/pad
(4) Elmer’s purple, washable glue sticks, 0.77 oz.
(2) Dozen Ticonderoga #2 pencils, sharpened
(1) 2-hole pencil and crayon sharpener
(1) Fabric pencil case, 3-hole w/grommets, 10” x 6”
(1) Pair of 5” scissors, pointed tip, assorted colors
(1) 12” plastic metric/customary ruler
(1) Roll invisible tape, ¾” x 1296”
(3) Sharpie fine point markers, black
(2) Sharpie ultra-fine point markers, black
(5) Pads of Post-It Notes, 3” x 3”, yellow, 100 shts/pad

→ Items to be delivered straight to the classroom in August

(2) Ream bulk copy paper, 20 lb, 8.5" x 11", 500/Pk, White
(2) Box hypoallergenic facial tissues, 200ct.
(10) "Money From Home" Envelopes & Student ID Labels